Learning how to do wigs for celebrities

Learning how to do wigs for celebrities


For the first time in Namibia, on 12 – 13 December 2016 at the Safari Court Hotel & Conference Centre, the Hair Goddess Salon will present a lace wig training seminar to empower Namibian women in a skill which will enable them to generate an income. This will be the first in a series of training in hair and beauty matters to be conducted by Hair Goddess.

The training will be given by Diana Katjiuongua – a professionally trained lace wig constructor, and trainer. Hair Goddess Salon is a wholly-owned Namibian beauty company which specialises in hair products and hair and nail treatments.

The course takes 16 hours, and attendees will be taught and be equipped in everything they need to know to become a top lace wig maker for celebrities and the general public.

“The hair industry is a billion dollar business and Namibia is part of this ever-growing sector, hence the desire by Hair Goddess to include more Namibians into this lucrative business. The Lace Wig Making Training Seminar is an exclusive opportunity with limited spaces available. If one is interested, we urge them not to hesitate and apply today. We only have 20 spots available. We want every attendee to enjoy the benefits of a small group; our undivided attention, and plenty of time for individuals to interact and ask questions,” says Katjiuongua.

Each attendee will be required to pay an attendance and training fee of N$5 500, and will be given all the tools and materials needed to start creating beautiful lace wigs, in one simple package. The comprehensive toolkit will include virgin hair and all the tools needed to make a lace wig such as a wig block head, ventilating needles, drawing card, table stand, combs, thread, scissors, pins, etc.

Upon completion of the programme, each attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion that shows that they have graduated from The Lace Wig Making Programme to acknowledge their mastery, and should be ready to start out on their own.

“Once training is complete, we will also recommend the graduates’ abilities to potential clients as part of our leading retailers, so as to help provide them with an opportunity for greater income growth,” says Katjiuongua.
Delegates who have completed the course will be eligible to be listed as a retailer for lace wig products for local and international clientele on a website that will be launched exclusively for this purpose and will be limited to graduates of this programme.

“Those encouraged to attend this conference, which will definitely be of benefit to them, are salon owners, hairdressers, stay at home moms, unemployed individuals, and any persons interested in making a guaranteed extra income part time or full time,” she says.

The two-day training programme will include topics such as ‘How to make lace wigs, lace frontals, lace closure and carry out repair work; Where to source all tools and material required for your business, including trusted virgin hair suppliers; How to start and succeed in your lace wig making business; and Financial Freedom.

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