My Candid View: Boxing Board should leave politics to politicians

My Candid View: Boxing Board should leave politics to politicians

With an eagle eye, I have for the past few months been following developments at the office of the Namibia Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NBWCB), especially the daily maneuverings of the newly installed board members and I have to state that I’m highly disappointed with the way they conduct themselves.

Before I’m accused of pursing an agenda against the new board, let me hasten to make it categorically clear that this is my personal opinion and under the various facets of the Namibian constitution, I’m entitled to and free to air my opinion.

As newly appointed board members of such an important organisation of our sports setup, I would have thought they would immediately knuckle down to some serious business, attending to pressing issues such updating or amending the country’s outdated boxing act that dates back to 1980 and also formulating various policies that would pump a new lease of life into the NBWCB’s crumbling operations.

It’s a known fact, the NBWCB’s finances are a serious muddle, they are operating and sanctioning major fights with the guidance of a 1980 outdated act. That act does not even make provision for the NBWCB to sanction fights in certain weight divisions and also prohibits boxers from fighting with certain boxing gloves but the NBWCB has been and still sanction fights despite their own act saying otherwise.

So those are some of the issues I expected the new board members to occupy themselves with but to my disappointment, they are too busy meddling in personal fights and affairs between promoters, things that have nothing to do with them at all.

On numerous occasions, I have heard of certain board members having personal business dealings certain promoters where arguments involving money almost came to the fore but this information was kept under the wraps to protect the ailing image of certain corruptible individuals within the board. With such individuals, what do you expect of them and where do you expect Namibian boxing to be?

But with time, we will expose some of this individuals who are on a journey of turning the NBWCB into their own personal cash cow and we will do it without fear or favour! Again, let me remind the NBWCB board that they should start serving the nation with the dignity it deserves and rather refrain from politics they have no business with. They should leave politics to the politicians.

Until next time, sharp sharp!!

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