Personality Profile – Who is this?

Personality Profile – Who is this?

Lelanie Basson

Business Consultant

Place of Origin
Windhoek, Namibia


Place of Residence

What one word would you use to describe yourself?

What made you pick the clothes you are wearing today?
My initial outfit did not work as my friend stole my idea, so I went for my favourite colour … yellow

Who would you take on a date in space and why?
Matt Damon, because he survived Mars

Tell us about your upbringing – what were your parents like?
My late father was a hard worker who diligently cared and provided for his family. I was blessed with another father when my mother remarried and both my parents are great humanitarians at heart. I’ve been raised in households where being of service to God and mankind, is a way of life. My parents taught me to be independent, to “have your own thoughts and opinions”, and to treat others with compassion, mercy and kindness should be part of my daily walk. One thing I cherish is that I was taught to dream, “don’t play small – aspire to do your personal best, never allow any obstacle to stand in your way”. Probably one of the best self-love lessons taught is that conflict harms you more than it harms others. Forgive quickly.

Which celebrities do you believe are the most influential?
There are so many who have shaped lives, redefined the status quo and regrettably also caused much destruction and heartache. However someone who influences me on a personal level is Ellen DeGeneres, she wears her kindness with such boldness.

What do you like to watch on TV?
Heidi, the kiddies cartoon, don’t judge … it brings back fond childhood memories. But I do enjoy documentaries and entrepreneurial series such as “Shark Tank”, currently airing.

What is your favourite music?
Everything except heavy metal. I love music and currently have The Katina’s and Shawn Mendes on repeat.

Whom do you love more: your parents, friends, spouse, kids, siblings, or yourself?
This is a trick question right? No. I recently had a conversation with a dear friend who I don’t see nearly enough, and our conversation was around … you will always meet your true love in life. The realisation you need to come to is that your true love must and will always be yourself. You need to love yourself unapologetically as it frees you to love others. Joy on an individual basis is contagious.

What kind of child were you – what are your most cherished childhood memories?
There were almost two halves to my childhood, one where I was in a state of pure bliss, privileged and knew no lack. Then there was a time where hardships and tough life lessons kicked in, forcing me to grow up very quickly. Both experiences have shaped me for the better. I come from a large family with 6 siblings. I fondly remember my dad putting on the sprinkler system when it became too hot for us – to run through. No matter what you were wearing, you’d join the fun. Our hearts were young and we’d spend hours getting soaked.

How did you meet your spouse/partner?
We attended the same primary school – St. Georges – but I could not remember him from there. We later worked for the same organisation.

When have you been most satisfied and proudest in your life and/or career?
All of my tertiary education was done under immense hardships. So my graduation days were of the happiest moments in my life. Within these moments I proved to myself that I could do all things. It did come with sacrifice, but in the end all it really took was hard work and dedication.

If you could be or do anything else – what would it be?
I actually love thinking about things like this because I sincerely believe you can make it happen. Purpose in life changes as we go through various seasons on our life journey. I took bold steps three years ago to own my time and craft the life I want. This does not necessarily mean more money but to love and be content in the current state of being. And as clichéd as that may sound, it’s exactly here that I want to be. I try to remind myself not to allow logic or reason to stop me from living my dreams.

Who is your role model or from whom do you draw inspiration as an adult?
I’m an incurable optimist, my mind, heart and soul are strong and centered in my relationship with Christ. So I go to God for my mental and emotional well being, because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. From an earthly aspect, although I have many mentors whom I am sincerely grateful for, I don’t believe I have an actual role model. I believe in crafting my own path, running my own race, striving to be a better version of myself tomorrow. But drawing from others what I need in order to grow.

How would you like the Namibian society (and the world) to remember you?
I embrace the notion that a legacy isn’t only about leaving what you earned but also what you learned. Your legacy should be an act of gratitude to the world. I wish for my actions to inspire others to dream more, believe in themselves more, live fearlessly, know that their stories matter and should be celebrated for the lessons they hold. I so love this quote by Joy Golliver who ended up living a life she did not expect … “The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away” So I believe that if you are serving, you’re building a lasting legacy anyway.

What things do you not like to do or do not take well to?
I don’t spend time thinking about what is “in” but instead have always made choices based on aligning the values of others with my own. I believe that one of the most important things is to live a life of integrity. I don’t take well to dishonesty and refuse to be associated with any versions thereof. It’s a tougher road, for sure, but a more fulfilling one in the end.

Do you believe in life after death? Good and evil? God? Are you a spiritual person?
Yes, I am a deeply spiritual person. I am very ‘in tune’ with myself, the Holy Spirit and the world around me, therefore I speak the truths of my heart and soul.

What is the one thing about you few people know?
I can’t do my own nails or stitch on a button to save my life. That’s one of the reasons God gave me sisters and amazing friends.

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