Absence of lab results delays murder trial

Maria Amakali
Windhoek – The absence of lab results in the murder case in which Jonas Medusalem Shalongo was the victim caused the magistrate to postpone the hearing on Wednesday, causing further anguish to the deceased’s family who want justice.

Lab results and a photo plan from the crime scene which are vital evidence in the case could not be presented in court on three separate occasions due to slow police investigations.

Those who were close to the deceased will have to wait until March 23 with hopes that by then all the evidence will be presented in court for the trial to begin. Jesaja Shuuya, 27, Wendelinus Ananias, 21, and Collen Mandume, 22, stood in front of magistrate Michelle Kubersky on a charge of murder.

It is alleged the three accused worked hand in hand with the intent to end the deceased’s life. The public prosecutor Ellen Shipena informed the court the accused intentionally killed their victim.

However, due to ongoing investigations the facts on how the deceased was killed are yet to be revealed. The incident occurred in Rocky Crest, between July 29 and August 4, 2016.

Defence counsel Milton Engelbrecht asked if the court can reserve the right for his client Mandume for a formal bail application, explaining the case has been on the roll since August 2016 for investigations to be finalised which were still not yet done, while his clients have been seated in custody.

Magistrate Kubersky explained that the accused do have the right to apply for bail, though bail can only be considered upon more information and relevant reasons availed during the formal bail application.

The three accused appeared very calm after magistrate Kubersky informed them that their case will be postponed again and they will remain in custody until investigations have been finalised. Accused Shuuya and Ananias are yet to get legal representation. The three accused were all remanded to the Katutura Police Station.

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