An open letter to the Namibian Head of State

An open letter to the Namibian Head of State

Carlos Kambaekwa

Dear Mr President, I’m writing to you as the designated head of the Namibian sovereign state in a desperate bid to enlighten or rather politely alert you about the alarming state in which domestic football currently finds itself entangled.

It’s an open secret that the beautiful game is the most adored recreational pastime amongst the country’s sports-crazy inhabitants, notwithstanding the naked truth that it’s also one of very few sporting disciplines providing employment opportunities for young people who would otherwise be roaming the streets by now.

As it stands, Namibian sport finds itself in a quandary and in dire need of divine intervention from the highest authority, in this case, your esteemed office.

Of course, yours truly is fully cognizant of the fact that this request is extraordinary, but it should also be understood that the circumstances surrounding this burning issue are also extraordinary.

Unlike other sports codes, football is a religion amongst many people and Namibians are not an exception to this notion.

Football possesses a rare magic to unite people whilst at the same time has the ability to mend wounds and harmonize the spirits of those with isolated views on the political landscape and tribal/racial tensions.

Hold on, did I hear our respected commander in chief remarking that government cannot interfere in the internal affairs of football as ostensibly prescribed by the world’s football governing body Fifa?

This is my humble plea and yours truly is advancing this noble request on behalf of all football followers, athletes and the general public out there: we need your much needed divine intervention and request you to make a strong appeal to corporate businesses to come forward and bail out football.

By doing so, such a step would partly eradicate poverty whilst slightly reducing the worrisome rate of unemployment so prevalent amongst the youth.

Mark my words, until such time that government pronounces itself on the current alarming state of affairs in domestic football – the beautiful game would soon become a much sought-after delicacy for stray dogs.

NRU loses face amidst Kwaaitjie’s debacle

It’s now almost four months after the racial debacle that rocked Namibian rugby amidst serious allegations of blatant racism levelled against a local athlete going by the name of Theo Coetzee, aka Kwaaitjie – well his assumed name says it all, do I need to sum it up differently really?

Now, can somebody out there please be so kind and tell yours truly why it took the Namibian Rugby Union (NRU) ages to make its presence felt with regard to this ugly racially motivated debacle that threatens to bring Namibian rugby into disrepute. I’m just asking.

Only after intense reporting by New Era Sport exposing the racist tendencies in local rugby and subsequent action by Coetzee’s club Wanderers Rugby Club did the dozing NRU awake from slumberland.

Its crystal clear that NRU blatantly tried by all means to turn a blind eye to this nauseating orchestrated racial incident that unfolded right in front of its face.

To make matters worse, the embattled union is yet to openly pronounce itself on this matter of public interest apart from granting selective interviews to their preferred media houses.

In the meantime, the chickens finally came to roost for the red-faced NRU hierarchy. Well this is exactly what happens when those entrusted with accountability resort to play the hide and seek game trying by all means to sweep things under the carpet. I rest my case.

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