Attempted murder docket missing

Maria Amakali
Windhoek – An attempted murder case which has left the victim with one eye and incapacitated one of his legs was provisionally withdrawn in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court following the disappearance of the police docket.

Without the docket the magistrate Bernedine Kubersky saw no need to proceed with the case.

Callud Soa-bab escaped with his life albeit sustaining severe wounds after he was shot in July last year.

Soa-bab, who survived the shooting, has lost sight in one eye and still struggles to walk on his own.

The victim is said to be receiving medical attention for his injuries.

What tempted the accused to go on a shooting rage against the victim is yet to be determined as investigations are yet to be completed.

The State alleges Lucky Sipungu used a firearm that does not belong to him, which he took with the intent to shoot and kill Soa-bab on that fateful day.

The 28-year-old suspect appeared in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court on a charge of attempted murder.

Public prosecutor George Mukungu explained that apart from the missing docket the photo plan is also not yet available together with the bullet casing from the shooting, which has not yet been examined.

The court is yet to determine how the accused acquired the firearm since the accused worked as a guard at a local security firm.

Without the docket the accused was granted bail of N$2 000, with magistrate Kubersky withdrawing the case temporarily on concerning grounds the docket was nowhere to be found.

Kubersky informed the accused that once the docket has been traced the accused will be called to court as the charge of attempted murder and the grounds surrounding the case deem it to be a serious offence.

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