Administrators should be held accountable

Administrators should be  held  accountable

To be quite honest, there are numerous great examples all over the world where football has proven to be a force for good and an instrument for good change within society. Look, just like many others, I have time and again said football has the ability to uplift and strongly carry messages of hope to a huge audience.

The power of sport, football in particular is amazing, and as it is known as the peoples’ game football can educate and emancipate our many communities from social ills such as racism, poverty and inequality.

I have said it before and I will said it again, amidst reassurance from government, I still strongly believe that football and our other sport codes by extension in Namibia are still highly undervalued and unappreciated.

I understand that government has made numerous efforts in various areas of our sport fraternity, but still I believe that we can do better than what we are currently doing.

Look, I have always insisted that without adequate systems and processes in place to hold sport administrators accountable, we will never arrive at our desired destination as an aspiring sporting country.

We need a system, not just a system, but a system that will hunt down, expose and hold corrupt sport officials accountable for the mess they create.

As we speak, especially with the Namibian sport setup, any incompetent person can take charge of a sport code and mess it up the way they want and then leave it upside down when his or her palms are well greased.

I’m seriously surprised by the thinking and attitude of many Namibian sport officials when it comes to all state-sponsored federations. So just like the education and health sectors, sport is also funded and sustained with taxpayers money and hence it requires the same care and accountability that is many a time meted out by government to the other so-called crucial sectors of the economy.

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