New kid on the block as cycling takes centre stage

New kid on the block as cycling takes centre stage

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Windhoek – Cycletec has resolved to launch a life-long approach towards the development of young cyclists, by re-introducing the popular Kidz on Bikez Development Programme.

In partnership with Nedbank, Hollard and PSG Namibia, Cycletec is leading the way in cycling development whilst at the same time persuade children to develop their cycling abilities from an early age.

The programme commences in April this year and serves as an ideal preparation for young cyclists to enter the “Bike Park Tourney, which forms part of the Nedbank Spring Festival on the 2nd of September later this year.

Assessment and evaluations on progress made will be conducted over a three months period with every intake. The development programme promises to provide children with endurance, space, exploration, speed and adventure.

Former Ramblers Football Club defender and one of Namibia’s most recognizable Tokkie Bombosch triathletes Tokkie Bombosch from Cycletec, says this is the first time a purpose made bike park will be available to coach children with dedicated coaches on hand.

“We believe the leaders of tomorrow are the daring kids of today, that’s why we believe the youth need to start getting active in nature activities,” states the stocky versatile athlete, adding that to respect and protect is the mission statement while one learn to wheelie and jump.

Henceforth, Cycletec has taken over the organization of this year’s Nedbank Kidz Challenge and has developed three new and exciting routes for the Saturday event.

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