Pure cowardice and double standards: A case study of NPL clubs

Pure cowardice and double standards: A case study of NPL clubs

Not only was I puzzled, but I was shocked and equally disappointed to hear that only seven clubs plying their trade in the Namibia Premier League (NPL) petitioned the NPL calling for the removal of league chairman Johnny ‘JJD’ Doeseb. The seven clubs that took the bold step of calling for Doeseb’s head are reigning champions Tigers, Black Africa, African Stars, Orlando Pirates, Chief Santos, Citizens and coastal giants Blue Waters.

I’m partly pleased that at least clubs are now finally finding the fortitude and guts to take on the seemingly untouchable NPL chairman and finally reminding him that he (Doeseb) still serves on the ticket of clubs and all local football aficionados by extension.

But what puzzles me the most is the number of clubs that wrote to the NPL and its chairman, expressing their discontentment in his strewed management style and his sheer lack of a clear road map as far as the future of Namibian premiership football is concerned.

The fact that only seven clubs out of the entire 16 NPL clubs had the audacity to petition the NPL and its embattled chairman, it speaks volumes about the lack of unity amongst the clubs and their misplaced egos and priorities.
What about the remaining nine clubs that did not participate in the process of penning down that bold letter dedicated to the NPL hierarchy, does that mean they are fine with the current conditions and the inactivity of the league? Or is it a clear indication that they (the remaining nine clubs) still have faith in Doeseb and would go to whatever extends – even gamble with the wellbeing of the already suffering footballers – just to make sure Doeseb remains power ? I’m just asking.

If not the questions above, then I challenge the chairpersons of the remaining nine clubs to come forth and elaborate as to why they did not participate in that important process of petitioning the NPL chairman and further clarify if whether or not they were informed by the seven clubs about their plans to call for Doeseb’s head via the much publicized grievance letter.

In the absence of such clarity, then I’m left with no option but to express my colossal disappointment in the remaining nine clubs for not being part of that said letter because we can’t act normal under abnormal circumstances. Where do they stand as far as the crisis faced by local football are concerned, are they pro or anti the envisioned football revolution?

In such crisis, where only a serious revolution seem to be the only remedy and answer to the needed change in Namibian football, we the local football followers do not need and are not interested in “middle men” and nor do we need ”two-faced” participants in this struggle but what our football need is genuinely dedicated man and women who are ready to put their personal ambitions aside and dedicatedly serve the real custodians of the game – the footballers.
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