Why Mwiya has a daunting task ahead

Why Mwiya has a daunting task ahead

Let me first take this opportunity to congratulate Fred Mwiya on his recent appointment as the new Chief Administrator of the Namibia Sport Commission (NSC) and also in the same breath wish him luck and strength in his new endeavor.

While wishing him all the best, let me equally use this space to alert him about a few but serious challenges he is bound to face as new chief of the NSC. Amongst the many challenges I expect Mwiya to face is the lack of adequate resources and human capital as well as the palpable lack of a well-packaged strategic plan to steer the limping NSC into the desired direction.

Look, what I’m saying is that as per its mandate and at least how it appears on paper, the NSC appears powerful and authoritative but in reality and practically, the NSC lacks almost everything needed to help it carry out its mandate of transforming Namibia into a sporting nation defined by excellence through sport.

In summary, the NSC is expected to make sure that the highest standards of sportsmanship is promoted while also ensuring that opportunities for aspiring athletes are made available countrywide through effective policy intervention and adequate human capital.

But with the kind of resources at the disposal of the NSC and its meager human capital, I seriously doubt if Mwiya will attain all his desired objectives and that’s exactly what worries me the most. With the NSC and the sport ministry by extension , what really changes at those offices are the faces of individuals but not the culture.

Hence, for Mwiya to succeed in his quest to inspire a sporting nation characterized by excellence through sport, he will have to bring a new culture and mentality to that office – not just any culture but a culture that strives for excellence and perfection.

Not only for his office, but Mwiya will as well have to work extra hard to convince his funders (government) about the importance of sport and how it can contribute to nation building.

As it stands, the NSC does not even have adequate resources and assets to seriously coordinate, control, develop and foster sport in the country. The only thing the NSC boast is perhaps its Windhoek head office and a few cars used for administrative purposes.

If Mwiya does not attend to the culture and mentality aspects I mentioned earlier, I really don’t how he and his team will deliver on the promise of creating opportunities for aspiring local athletes and on the promise of creating a sporting nation if the NSC itself does not even have regional offices or regional coordinators to decentralize its services to all Namibians?

In order to ensure that opportunities for sport are made available to all Namibians and that sport in the country is perfectly coordinated, controlled and developed, the NSC would need to be equipped with all the resources it needs; such as at least sub-offices in all regions and well trained regional coordinators to ensure they spread the NSC message and activities countrywide.

If it proves costly to implement the above objectives, then the NSC leadership and the line ministry should sit together and map out a way on how all the ministry’s underused and purposeless regional sports officers can be used to make the NSC’s work and outreach programmes much easier.

Truth be told, all these regional sports officers are not even visible and nobody actually knows what they doing in their respective regions as community sport activities are totally is dead.

So, as opposed to wasting taxpayers’ money on those sports officers, let’s rather integrate their functions with those of the NSC and see how the two parties will function collectively in taking sports activities out to the people.

Until next time, sharp sharp!!

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