‘Cowboy’ wants to achieve the unthinkable

Otniel Hembapu

Namibia has a new kid on the block, a 27-year old towering boxing sensation boasting a finely-honed right hand and remarkable power – blessed with the kind of speed and skills that would keep any spectator on the edge of his or her seat for an entire evening.

The name Vakufilapo ‘Cowboy’ Nashivela might not really ring the bell at first buzz but one thing for sure about Nashivela is that he is a marvel to watch and very much worth every penny of any local boxing aficionado.
A self-confessed die-hard fan of American legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather, Nashivela turned professional last year and wasted little time in signaling his arrival on the local boxing scene when elegantly entered the shark-infested waters of professional boxing with two convincing wins.

Trading leather in the junior middleweight division, Nashivela – fighting under the banner of Salute Boxing Academy – currently holds a unscarred record of only two wins from two professional fights and both victories came by way of second round knockouts.

The man popularly known as ‘ Cow Boy’ started competing unofficially in 2000 as a junior and went on to join the country’s amateur structures in 2003 before he went into a self-imposed émigré for about nine years to focus on his studies and family business until 2015. Upon his return, he then started seriously horning his skills in preparation for the bigger stage of professional boxing, the ranks he eventually joined 2016.

As an amateur, Nashivela represented at various continental games ay amateur level – managing to fight more than 42 amateur fights.

The ‘Cow Boy’ has only one dream and that is to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Harry Simon, Paulus ‘The Hitman’ Moses, Paulus ‘The Rock’ Ambund, Julius ‘Blue Machine’ Indongo and Tyson Uushona – becoming the next big thing of Namibian boxing and achieve the unthinkable.

“My dream is to become Namibia’s next big world champion and also to become the most successful boxer in our country’s history conquering Africa and the world. I want to be rated the best pound for pound in the near future and win world titles,” said a highly confident Nashivela.

The most outstanding qualities about ‘Cow Boy’ is his eerie but equally impressive ability to work opponents out, find the holes, make instinctive decisions while under pressure. Another distintive quality about this young man is that he has the street smarts to even fight dirty when moments demand as such.

Nashivela boasts enormous power and KO ability. His right hand, uppercut and hook are dangerous and the fashion in which he won his two last fights is testimony of his punching ability.

He can fight and easily land his favourite powerful right lead from the ropes but when in the centre of the ring, he is equally a master in his own right.

Impressive for young boxer, the Omuthiya-based pugilist is gifted with the knack of easily utilizing his sharp jab which many a time complimented by a beautifully-timed right lead – his speed and defensive skills are out of the roof and equally boasts a strong chin to accommodate any dirty fighter.

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