The players in oil and gas

The information is according to the recently launched online tool – Namibia Transparent Oil – to allow the public access to information regarding the country’ petroleum exploration licences. The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) developed the tool with assistance of the Engine Room, to help the public keep track of the allocation and transaction involving national resources. While some details on company ownership and shareholding may have changed with time the information presented here is what New Era Weekend gathered from the portal and other available public documents.

• Enigma Oil is co-owned by local businessman and pioneer in oil and gas exploration Heinrich Steven Swapo Ndume – with three other British co-owners. Enigma Oil own petroleum exploration licences to blocks in the Orange Basin and Walvis Basin.

• National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (Namcor) holds a number of minority percentages in virtually every exploration licence issued, with percentages running from 7 to 10 percent.

• Windfire Petroleum Namibia, in which the Rukoro Family Trust hold a minority interests through a blind trust, hold licence for blocks 2915 and 2815 which are east of the Kudu Gas fields. A relatively new company, it was established in 2015, its website is no longer accessible.

• ACREP Energy is headquartered in Luanda, Angola, and its listed director, Amelda Stols, is a secretarial manager at the auditing firm BDO in Windhoek. The company, which was formed in October 2015, just started with exploration activities in Kavango West’ Mpungu constituency. The area covered by the exploration licences 1718 and 1818 lay some 50 km south of Nkurenkuru, going through Gava and Mupurara villages all the way south until the no-man land between Namibia and Angolan border.

• Alumni Exploration East Namibia, is headquartered in Windhoek, and has two South Africans listed as directors. Formed in 2011, the company owns licences to two blocks in Omaheke region, alongside Namibia’s border with Botswana.

• Brazil’s Cowan Petroleo e Gas S.A owns direct interests in various blocks in the Namibe Basin. This is while it owns an indirect interest in the exploration licences to the Luderitz Basin blocks, through a consortium of companies that include Namcor and Murphy Luderitz Oil, an American company with its headquarters in Arkansas.

• Nabirm Energy Services owns licences to a block in the Walvis Basin, and its listed representative and minority shareholder, Andrew Ipinge, is said to be no longer associated with the company.

• Tse Oil and Gas is another company with Namibian listed directors, Tjeripo Zacharias Hijarunguru, Tanya Blaauw and Tanya Retief. It owns licences in the Namibe Basin.

• Other companies include the wholly owned Nigerian entity Oranto Petroleum Namibia, spearheaded by its founder Prince Arthur Ikepchukwu Eze – who has 79 percent. The company has for the last years been trying to attract investors into its exploration licence.

• Other companies with exploration licences in offshore blocks along the Atlantic Ocean include Amis Energy, CSG Energy Namibia, Eco Oil and Gas, Gazania Investments 148, Grisham Assets Corp, Impact Oil and Gas, Jupiter Petroleum, Kayuco, Leopard Investments, Maurel & Prom, British Virgin Island registered Regalis Petroleum.

• Companies with exploration licence on land based blocks, are Reconnaissance Energy Namibia, Frontier Resources Namibia, which owns two blocks in Ohangwena region, and Hyrdrocarb Namibia Energy Corporation with its two blocks in Omusati. Hyrdrocarb Namibia has listed as its directors Tobias Aupindi along with two American nationals.

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