Painting the picture with nails


Ndako Ngipandula is a new painter and visual artist who uses an ingenious technique to stencil his artwork. He uses nail pins, as in construction iron nails and he has been doing this for some time. Ndako uses the pencil to draw the outline of what he wants to draw and then hits nails into those outlines. The result is an amazing 3-D like image. He says he took up the technique after coming across it on the Internet. Two weeks ago he held his first ever exhibition of artworks made with dune sand mixed with acrylic paint.

The 28-year old Ndako is a civil engineer by day and taught himself how to draw, sketch and paint. He says he has been drawing for as long as he can remember. But is quick to add that he has only been a professional artist for a little over a year now.

On the 10th of February 2017 he exhibited his work for the first time, at the Windhoek City Market. “People are interested, people are actually purchasing my pieces. And that actually tells me that I am not crazy and I can make this work.” His pieces fetch between N$300 to N$10 000 depending on size and the medium used.

Ndako is an avid reader who sometimes derives inspiration for his artwork from the books he reads. The piece he is currently working on is called “Sossusvlei at Night” and it would depict the moon Titan rising over Sossusvlei. It takes him about two to three days to finish a piece. Ndako says his aspirations are to open a studio and teach others.

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