So really, who is this Nestor?….‘Music has been our family’s source of bonding’

So really, who is this Nestor?….‘Music has been our family’s source of bonding’


There is a new recording artist, who is so wet behind the ears that he is only releasing his debut music CD on 29 March. His name is Nestor Metusalem.

“I will be releasing my first album titled Politics of The Heart. I really hope Namibia and the rest of the world will come to like and love it,” Nestor pointed out.

So who is this recording artist called Nestor and how did he get into music recording?
Having been born in a very large family singing was the main source of bonding for us, he says. The family was also very Christian and as such quite often someone in the family would reach for the hymnbook and an impromptu singing session would ensue.

Nestor also reveals that growing up he was very shy and he is still, but once he closed his eyes, he would let his voice flow freely. He was unable to keep up with the hymns they sang at home, so he found comfort in music, especially the R&B (Rhythm and Blues) genre and its lyrics of love.

It’s for this reason that Nestor, who is now recording under the music label Hametu Music, sings mostly love songs, even though society thinks it’s not right for a man to express himself romantically.

His decision to pursue music seems to take its roots from when he was at boarding school in Tsumeb, far from home. He says each time he went home for holidays he would find that everyone in the house had improved their vocals. Everyone always seemed to have better notes than he did. Even this younger siblings where cracking it better than him. And each time Nestor found it harder to keep up with them.

This was perplexing to Nestor because “at school, during class breaks, young girls would ask me to do renditions of R Kelly and Westlife. Teachers would ask that I lead the school anthem.”

But at home his siblings were drowning out his voice with their well-improved vocals.
His big break came when he was in grade 12 and enrolled at a private hostel where he got to be in touch with fellow young people in pursuit of music as a career. They started a band called Cool Cats and their first underground music ensemble was called Hobby.

At university Nestor got exposed to computers and the first thing he got interested in was Graphic Design, recording, mixing and mastering.

“Each day I would download a beat and sing to it because I felt I needed to challenge myself to a point where if one day I decided to do music on a bigger scale then I must be sure that I have the passion for it and that I am not forcing myself to love it,” he narrates. In his second year, Nestor got involved in student leadership on campus and became too busy and was unable to continue with recording, mixing and mastering so he lost focus and continued with graphic design only. During his second year, Nestor would get called to Ekiya records studio in Windhoek north whenever someone struggled with a chorus and as time passed he also recorded his first solo song titled Smiling Again.

“In my fourth year, my friend Hazard Violla invited me to a studio to feature with him on the track ‘I don’t know’. From there we started working on songs which all turned out to be worthy of any listeners’ budget,” says Nestor.

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