Remembering Cassinga – we shall never forget

Remembering Cassinga –  we shall  never forget


Namibia commemorated the Cassinga Day this week, with many people including some of the survivors, gathered at the UN plaza in Katutura where survivors collectively gave their own accounts on that fateful day.

Some of the survivors who survived 39 years ago when the racist South African troops attacked Cassinga settlement in Angola say they are still filled with vivid memories of the loss of lives, injuries and emotional trauma they suffered on that fateful day.

May 4, 1978 was the darkest day in the history of Namibia’s liberation struggle when hundreds of unarmed Namibian refugees were massacred in cold-blood by racist South African troops at Cassinga in southern Angola. The camp had a total number of 3 068 people including 500 children under the age of 14 years, women and the elderly.

Out of the 3 068 people, 300 children, 294 women and 165 men were murdered in cold blood in a massacre that left 200 missing and thus bring the total number of the dead to 959 while 464 were wounded and 200 taken prisoners.

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