The Dome to hosts International Inline Hockey Feast

The Dome to hosts  International Inline Hockey Feast

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Swakopmund – Bank Windhoek has announced its sponsorship for the upmcoming International African Inline Hockey tourney, slated for 22nd of this month at The Dome, in Swakopmund.

Particpants from South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, USA, Canada, Eritrea, India, Brazil and Great Britain will make the trip to compete against hosts Namibia.

The competiton has attrcated eight teams in the men’s division whilst a youth inline hockey camp and referee clinic have been lined up withing the duration of the touurnament.

“It is always an honour to represent your country and test your skills against the world’s best, but to be able to do this in my home country, in my home town and on my own rink will be the most incredible opportunity and experience any athlete could dream of,” said Marco Debortoli, co-captain of Team Namibia’s Men’s team and captain of the Coastal Pirates Open team.

“Bank Windhoek is aware that In-line Hockey has taken huge strides in Namibia and that it is a fast growing sport.  It is a sport that is enjoyed by young kids and by adults alike and it is a very well managed sport.

“These are qualities that make we are proud to be associated with this tournament hence we welcome all the regional and international visitors and teams to our beautiful country, specifically to the picturesque town of Swakopmund, “said Jacquiline Pack, Executive Officer: Marketing and Corporate Communication Services at Bank Windhoek.

The sponsors applauded The Dome for winning the bid to host the Africa Cup in their world-class facilities and urged everyone, even those living outside Swakopmund to come out in large numbers and support the Namibian team.
Dave Hammond, captain of Team Canada, who has three world championships under his belt said the Africa Cup Inline tourney will offer the game its best for this part of the world.

“This will be the first time since 2009 that I will be able to participate in a world-class event, helping me prepare for a world championship. You can get as fit as you like but there is no substitution for competition.

Hammond could no heap enoug praises on The Dome, adding that this is huge, building all derived from the very root of inline hockey expanded into what its known.

“The Dome to be today. The trustees of this building have told me time after time, that there dream has been to watch world-class inline hockey with one thousand spectators in Swakopmund.

“The competition is likely to tick that box and this is just the beginning. We want a world championship and Africa Cup will be a great platform in which we can show the world of what we are capable of.”

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