Gazza video trending on Vevo

Gazza video trending on Vevo

Pinehas Nakaziko

A year after Gazza shot his music video of the song ‘Up Up Away’, in collab with Jamaican-American musician Nyanda Janelle Thorbourne in Miami he finally released the video on YouTube this month.
The video is currently trending on Vevo, and attracting an increasing number of viewers.

Vevo is an American multinational video hosting service owned and operated by the Universal Music Group (UMG).
Gazza says his fans have been going wild, giving the video a tremendous reception and making encouraging comments after viewing the video for the first time.

“I’ve been trending on social media for the first two weeks of the video release and my fans have been going wild with comments, with some saying they are proud of me.”
Gazza flew to Miami earlier last year to shoot the ‘Up Up Away’ video of the song he and Nyanda collaborated on in 2014.

“When it comes to the quality of the video, we did not have to compromise on anything. The video was shot by professionals who have shot most of the videos by American stars such as Nicki Minaj and DJ Khaled.
“I’m pleased with the quality of the video,” Gazza says.

He adds that the experience of shooting the video was very exciting and out of this world.
“We even had an 18-wheeler truck just for lights. We also had about five engineers who were just controlling the light under the supervision of the main lighting engineer.

“We had about two camera guys, two make-up artist and girls that came to dance for a few seconds on the video. They had been practicing for months,” Gazza says, adding that working with Nyanda was a blessing.
“The lady is very talented. She can sing, rap, she can dance; she is a complete artist. On top of that, she has a beautiful personality.”

Gazza also indicated that he is currently working on his new video for his popular song ‘Swagger’.
“The video is going to be basically what I’m singing about in the song; basically about swag. This is why I’m taking it slow to create things and to use garments they do not sell in shops.
“The swag that I was imagining when I was singing the song is what I’m bringing to life,” Gazza says.

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