Industry Loop: International Acts!

Industry Loop: International  Acts!

I see the industry frowns on international acts. The industry questions what value these international acts bring to the table.

Critics want international acts to add value to the Namibian Industry in a sustainable manner. Industry insiders accuse international acts of looking to Namibia for a quick buck.

All that may be true, but what exactly would you want international entertainers to do though? Do you expect an international act who has worked on their professional brand for light years to just come and it offer as charity?
I say this, because that is exactly what these suggestions and criticism lean towards. Just because it’s Namibian, we must just support it blindly right?
Just because people say so, in this case as an international act, I must collaborate with the entertainers of the country that will host me.

No my friend. There are levels to this game. No one even plays your music on Namibian radio and your a$$ is outchea vocal about how Cassper Nyovest, Omarion or Nyanda must collaborate with you.
What have you done in your professional career that warrants these international acts and their agents to even glance at you? Ranting and raving on social media does not mean anything.
Do you have the numbers in the country? Do you have a track record of actual work? Can someone in Mariental relate to your work or are you the classic Windhoek entertainer?

These international acts have incredible numbers in their country of origin. How do you expect someone who has worked tirelessly to amass these numbers to sit down with your lazy self-entitled matako?!
In our case, it’s the event organisers that contract these international acts for a performance.
Honestly, unless someone convinces me otherwise, no event organiser in this country must feel any kind of pressure to have their international acts collaborate with Namibian entertainers.
Events organisers have one aim and one aim only, which is to make a profit while creating an experience for revellers. Rightfully so. It’s not a conference. It’s a show.

If you want sustainable value addition, approach the government for that. The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has an arts directorate. They will naturally not undertake such activities on their own initiative.
That’s where you need to come in and slap proposals on them of bringing Cassper Nyovest, Omarion and Boyz II Men to come host workshops, conferences, etc. to impart some of their methods to Namibian entertainers and perhaps look at collaborations.

But leave events organisers alone! They don’t have to embark on value addition efforts. If they do, it’s only as a courtesy but they don’t have to do it. To expect them to and unhealthily try to pressure them is really bad faith.
You don’t contribute a single cent to an event organiser’s operations. Unlike government where you pay tax! Events organisers offer a professional service, and you have the choice about whether to consume this service or not. With tax…you don’t really have a choice. So direct your efforts to the government. Not private event’s organisers.

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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