N$260m hub planned for Ondangwa

N$260m hub planned for Ondangwa

Edgar Brandt

Trans-Kalahari Logistics, a wholly owned Namibian company, has revealed plans to construct a N$260 million multi-tenant business park for logistics operations, commercial services and a 5 000-tonne combined cold storage facility in Ondangwa to stimulate the economy and job creation in the area.

According to Jospeh Mundjele, Managing Director of Trans-Kalahari Logistics, the massive project, which he hopes will commence in early 2018, will create up to 100 jobs during the construction phase and 80 permanent jobs when fully operational.

“With the growth of the Namibian economy moving at a rapid pace, the town of Ondangwa is strategically positioned in terms of access to critical trade routes in the north of the country that also leads to neighbouring Angola. With three major highways intersecting in Ondangwa, this has raised interest for vital transport developments like cold storage and logistics hubs,” Mundjele explained.

He added that part of the attractiveness of the project is fuelled by the fact that there is not a single commercial cold storage facility of industrial capacity in northern Namibia and this has been a challenge for the cold and frozen goods industry.

“Roughly about 40 percent of food that is consumed in developing countries, such as Namibia, are perishables thus the need for cold storage facilities cannot be understated,” said Mundjele.
He noted that Trans-Kalahari Logistics has already assessed demand and supply for industrial and commercial land in northern Namibia, which has recommended that more infrastructure is required to enable commercial and industrial growth.

“Following the extensive assessment process, Extension 18 in Ondangwa has been identified as ideal because of its highway access, topography, and strategic location in regards to national freight routes. The company has since acquired a piece of land from the Ondangwa Town Council measuring 20 000 square metres (two hectares) for the sole purpose of developing a commercial and logistics plaza,” Mundjele stated.

The project, to be known as the Nakathilo Commercial and Logistics Plaza, is a multi-tenant business park consisting of a 5 000 tonnes combined cold storage facility, a commercial centre as well as multiple distribution centres.
“The development of the business park is anticipated to run for a period of 24 months from date of ground-breaking to the grand opening. The preliminaries of the project are already underway, which include, among others, the rezoning of the area as well as the Environmental Impact Assessment study. Upon receiving the environmental clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the installation of access roads, sanitary sewer lines as well as storm water accommodation will set the tone for the whole project, as the area for this development is still undeveloped,” Mundjele explained.

With its good cooperate governance and industry support, the Ondangwa Town Council has indicated willingness to support businesses in acquiring land to develop infrastructure that will help stimulate the local economy and the country as a whole. This project is in line with the government’s drive to fight unemployment and the war on poverty while also forming part of the national development plans that were rolled out by the government of the republic of Namibia.

Trans-Kalahari Logistics, which started operations in 2009, is a multi-discipline logistical services company based in Walvis Bay. The company specialises in logistics and transportation services, including transport infrastructure development and cross-border transportation. The company was established as a long-distance transportation company, which later diversified its portfolio into bulk excavations, plant and tool hire as well as infrastructure development.

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