Painting with Riki

Painting with Riki

Tuulikki Abraham

Merietjie Motinga, who is also known as ‘Riki’, is currently a Grade 1 teacher at the Helen Van Rhijn Primary School in Lüderitz, but also a talented painter.

Originally from Aus in the !Nami#nus Constituency in the //Karas region, Riki says she is a very artistic person. She paints and sketches clothing designs.

She started sketching clothes when she was in Grade 5, while schooling in Bethanie but lost interest since she didn’t really know much about sewing.

However, losing interest did not make her lose her spark for painting as she sells the paintings.
“I am currently just focusing on painting as I have been painting since 2013. It is a God-given talent,” Riki says.
She adds that the current situations around her such as emotions and her environment are what inspire her.
Since she is based in Lüderitz, most of her paintings are water related, such as sunset water pods and oceans.

“I recently started painting portraits of people, but I am still mastering it, and nature landscapes, which I am good at even though I have to admit it myself.

“God has blessed me with such great talent and I do not want it to just be a talent, but an inspiration to people.”
The 25-year-old has already inspired a group of learners, including her Grade 1 class to paint, as they have painting sessions, which they greatly enjoy.

“It helps to release a fun and creative spirit,” Riki emphasises, and adds that she is planning to share her talent with the youth of Lüderitz as she already has a few learners whom she will start off with next term.

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