The other lifestyle: Social etiquette

The other lifestyle: Social etiquette

Cueing up
Standing in queues is an activity that you will encounter regularly at grocery stores, banks and other public service facilities. Patience is definitely required to wait in a long line of people until it’s your turn to finally receive assistance. Jumping in front of others in a queue shows bad manners, unless you were already in the line and had to leave for a brief moment while letting someone hold your place. The proximity of how near you stand to the person in front of you should not be so close that you are actually touching their backside or breathing down their neck, always respect other people’s personal space. Avoid talking loudly on your cell phone as this can be disruptive to other people in the line. If you have a toddler with you, keep him/her occupied with a healthy snack or take their favourite toy along so they don’t become restless.

Road Rage
The number of accidents on our roads is disturbingly high. Drivers need to adhere to the speed limits at all times, especially when driving on the highways. Those who plan on sitting behind the wheel should limit their alcohol consumption, because drunken driving causes many road accidents. Road rules are safety guidelines that each driver needs to learn before they obtain a driver’s licence, and wearing seatbelts is mandatory as this reduces the extent of injury that might be caused in an accident. Every car owner needs to have their vehicle regularly checked for roadworthiness; all lights, signalling, windscreens and tyres should be functioning properly. Some car accidents are caused by people who are simply distracted by using their cell phones while driving.

Healthy manners
In social settings, we use our hands to great people with a handshake. Therefore, it’s vital to always wash your hands after using the toilet or handling unhygienic items. Cashiers should avoid using their saliva to open plastic shopping bags and public vendors who sell takeaways must keep their produce stored in hygienic conditions. If you are sick and are in close vicinity to other people, prevent spreading infectious illnesses by covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing. For those who enjoy chewing bubble-gum, do not stick it under public tables and benches, and smoking in public areas poses a health risk to others and is therefore prohibited. Avoid littering and disposing of rubbish anywhere that is not permitted, because we should all strive to keep our environment clean.

Online boundaries
Even though the internet is a virtual world, there are cyberspace policies and regulations that people should adhere to. Unfortunately, certain individuals use social media as an intrusive tool for invading other user’s personal boundaries. Online stalking is unwanted following or excessive viewing of someone’s cyber activities over a lengthy period of time, usually done in secret. Online harassment can range from insulting someone to uploading explicit or derogatory material with intent to cause emotional stress. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable or violated online, speak up, seek help and report the negative behaviour if it persists. We all have the right to use social media for personal or business activities but likewise, we should be respectful towards other people online. Beauty Ndapanda is a lifestyle blogger/writer. Her articles include wellness and beauty tips to help readers look and feel their best, while her topics on introspection examine thoughts and emotional processes for navigating through life’s ups and downs.  ­–

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