Third Hair and Beauty Expo early September

Third Hair and Beauty Expo early September

Staff Reporter

The third annual Natural Hair and Beauty Expo is set to once again bring vendors and revellers together to celebrate the diversity of Africanness.

The event takes place on September 9 at the International University of Management’s (IUM) Dorado Park main campus in the capital.

Organisers say the expo offers a platform that will introduce different topics and activities to those in attendance.
With an African-inspired theme, organisers promise a beautiful setting that will celebrate all things African.
They have invited bloggers and entrepreneurs with different focal points to document their experiences at the expo from their respective perspectives.

Leah Misika, Lynn Komu, Lorna Mabuku and Varaa Hambira are expected to blog live from the event, giving followers an insight into their different areas of expertise.
These range from fashion designing, blogging, modelling and entrepreneurship as well as an interactive discussion touching on different aspects of beauty.

Apart from that, there will be the styling workshop on dreadlocks hosted by the Fashion Council of Namibia.
As usual, vendors will be present to offer shoppers an array of beauty and hair products, food, beverages, home-made organic products, natural products for hair, skin and even beards.
Others will bring in international hair care brands, handmade jewellery, local cuisine and much more.
The event also aims at celebrating and creating a culture of appreciation for the diversity of natural African hair and beauty.

The expo still strives to mark a very important shift in the way people view beauty, not only in Namibia, but on the entire African continent.
Zodidi Gaseb is proud of what the expo has achieved in the past.

“Three years on, what has been the greatest achievement is that we’ve had an increase in local entrepreneurship, especially from women, and a widespread acceptance of natural hair in the workplace and in society in general.
“It has encouraged more and more discussions that raise awareness of self-love and acceptance as well as put Namibia on the map in terms of relevant trending discussions and events,” he says.
The international brand, Wahl, will also showcase aspects of trimming hair and beards for men, and teach men through questions and answers session.

To keep to the high standards set in previous years, this year’s event is expected to be bigger and better than ever and attendants of all ages can expect to be entertained throughout the day.
“We will have a local DJ keeping the beat going, performances by musicians such as Michael Pulse and Slickartie, poetry, face and body painting, discussions on hair care, skin care, trending topics and activities for the kids,” Gaseb says enticingly.
Organisers encourage those interested in attending to wear their African inspired outfits as there will be great prizes on offer for winners.
The expo will start at ten o’clock in the morning (10h00) and run until five o’clock (17h00) in the afternoon. Tickets are already on sale for N$100 via the website:

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