Wernhil hosts first fashion show

Wernhil hosts  first fashion show

Themed, ‘Trendy Urban Wear for Everyday Life’, well-known model and designer, Leah Misika from La Mode Fashions organised the event.

Sylvia Rusch from Broll Namibia says valued Wernhil Park tenants will showcase their garments at the event.
The main objective of the event is to show and advise shoppers on how good they can look by only shopping at Wernhil Park stores.

“There is no need to go to expensive shops and/or use expensive brands, especially now when the country is experiencing an economic slowdown. It is all about affordable trendy urban wear available to everybody at Wernhil Park,” Rusch says. She adds that customers should learn how to dress for success at affordable prices at Wernhil Park.

OTB, Edgars, Optic Exclusive, Refinery, Dunns, Ackermans, Milady’s, Fashion World, Signature Cosmetics and LeGit, are some of the shops that will showcase their garments and other accessories.
There are special features such as the award of prizes to the Wernhil Park Extravaganza competition winners.
“Nine winners will win N$10,000 in shopping vouchers each; one winner will win N$20,000 in shopping vouchers and all winners can use their cash prizes at any Wernhil Park store,” she says.
The B-Boys dancing group will entertain the audience with their great moves and dancing styles.

“Very exciting, we will have our first ever Red Bull – Art of Can dress revealed at the fashion show, which Leah Misika has designed.
It is a dress made entirely out of Red Bull cans,” Rusch explains.
She adds that they will also have other prize giveaways. “It is a show combined with a lot of excitement, entertainment, and advice on how to dress for success,” Rusch said with excitement.
The fashion show starts at ten o’clock (10H00) in the morning, and ends at one o’clock (13H00) in the afternoon.

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