Government should pronounce itself on Erf 1755, Okahandja

Government should pronounce itself on Erf 1755, Okahandja

The National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) strongly condemns the anarchy that prevailed over the past weekend in Okahandja during the annual commemoration of the Red Flag Day, when supporters of Maharero Royal House and paramount chief Rukoro nearly came to blows.

We must make it categorically clear that we will place the blame squarely at the doorstep of government for deliberately making sure that they pit Ovaherero against each other. The question is in whose interest is this situation allowed to continue?

If government wanted this issue to be resolved they had ample time through the minister of urban and rural development to pronounce themselves on who the rightful owner of erf 1755 in Okahandja is. However, the minister chose to delay taking this decision and in the meantime anarchy and chaos reign supreme.

Government should treat all Ovahereros equally from the opposing sides and must not treat those born in wedlock with velvet gloves and treat those born out of wedlock with contempt. It does not augur very well for a government that claims to be an independent party to this dispute.

Equally, we cannot turn a blind eye or allow a whole nation to be taken hostage by some of our elders in the Ovaherero community, who are in the evening of their lives. It is high time these elders go back to the drawing boards and restore the dignity of the Ovaherero people by doing away with pettiness and unbecoming behaviours that eventually tarnish the name of the whole tribe in the eyes of the nation.

It is sad that after most of these elders are gone – as many are close to the end of their natural lifespan – it will be left to the poor youth to clean up their mess and hope to unite once more this once proud tribe.

We also should put it across that an area that has been pronounced a national monument does not anymore belong to a particular clan or family, but becomes a public entity, where people should be allowed to enter without victimisation.

We just hope that the elders of this community will start talking to one another and not avoid each other for a whole year, only to meet once more after a year in Okahandja and then fight over the same issues again.
Government should mediate early now in this dispute and bring closure to the issue of who is the rightful owner of erf 1755 in Okahandja.
Joseph Kauandenge
NUDO presidential spokesperson

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