Industry dream becomes reality

Industry dream becomes reality

Donna Collins

For this reason, the excitement of walking through the recently opened cutting-edge N$5-million Nautilus recording studio in Swakopmund was tangible.

Clearly this new professional sound recording and production studio which aims to serve the music, advertising and film industry, is like no other in Namibia.

It is here that the local creators of this unique recording studio situated at the Dome, have let their minds flow to cater for visiting international artists such as Yvonne Chaka Chaka, whilst creating a magical space for the home grown musicians and the creative arts.

Audio engineers and music producers, Rainer von Hatten and Gernot Fritze have combined their impressive technical skills and industry experience over the years and committed to providing the best studio equipment and design possible.

Whilst Nautilus is about its mind blowing technology, a nostalgic collection of ‘vinyls’ stacked in the “chill lounge”, lends a throwback atmosphere to a bygone but not forgotten era.

“We wanted to build a sanctuary for creative minds to come and play,” Gernot, the mastermind behind the studio’s design, says.

“The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, instruments, and creative “toys”, and so no creative idea gets lost because all three recording rooms are linked, even the lounge has microphone inputs.

“Nautilus is the ideal place to compose, write and arrange music, plus we have an extensive collection of samples and software instruments so you can find exactly the sound you’re looking for, or find something interesting to inspire you.

“After the performer and his instrument, the room is the most important piece in the recording chain, and the right balance is necessary to give voices and instruments an adequate environment to project,” Gernot explains.
Nautilus recording studios are equipped with different acoustic properties and a wide variety of microphones to accommodate a range of musical styles and instruments.

Furthermore, the studios have impressive isolation and clear visibility between each other, which allows for large bands to play together without their instruments getting under their feet.

It is a recording engineer’s dream with control rooms acoustically optimised and equipped with highly accurate loudspeaker systems to reproduce a true reflection of the music that is recorded, mixed and mastered in them.

“One of the single greatest obstacles I kept hearing about is that artists, producers, musicians and engineers all across Namibia do not have access to a professional standard commercial recording studio,” Rainer notes.

“This studio is a dream that Gernot and I share that has brought so much passion and knowledge to this entire project. We are able to offer the industry everything and more,” he adds.

He further points out that they have crossed paths with hundreds of like-minded and talented singers, instrumentalists, DJs, rappers, producers, artists and musicians in the country who all share the very same dream.
“The dream is about music bringing people together, regardless of any differences. It is a dream of creating something for not just a few, but for everyone.”

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