Wining, dining with donkey meat tonight

Wining, dining with donkey meat tonight

Staff Reporter

Windhoek socialites can indulge themselves with wine and the delicacy of donkey meat tonight with the return of the Donkey Meat and Wine Pairing dinner at the Old Location restaurant in Windhoek West.
After successfully hosting the first festival in 2013, Tao’s Kitchen is back with the dinner.

Mpule Sezuni and Tao Soni !Noarises, who won the Donkey Meat Cook-off competition in 2013, will host the dinner.
!Noarises hopes the festival attracts 300-400 patrons from all walks of life to celebrate culture in an urban setting. The second instalment follows by popular demand from the public.

Considering that many Namibians still have misconceptions about donkey meat, the duo have decided to make the dinner an annual event to promote the eating of donkey meat and make it a sought-after delicacy.
“The dinner will stake its claim as one of the ‘go-to’ events on Namibia’s social calendar,” !Noarises says.
While the event mainly aims to promote donkey meat, she adds that there will also be other meat platters for those who do not eat donkey meat.

“But what is very certain is that after that dinner, all those who profess not to eat donkey meat will come out of that event as the biggest ambassadors of donkey meat. They must be sure of that,” !Noarises boasts.
They will entertain guests with traditional music, dance and poetry, apart from the meat and other treats. The identities of these artists will remain secret until closer to the event, !Noarises says enticingly

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