The West’s enemies are not our enemies

The West’s enemies are not our enemies

In 1997, Nelson Mandela decided to go to Libya for an official state visit. The US State Department said it would be “disappointed” if he went to the country, which was believed by the West to be sponsoring terrorism. Mandela’s reply was simple and straightforward. He said, “How can they have the arrogance to dictate […]

SPYL congress must mother a generational narrative

SPYL congress must mother a generational narrative

Namibian youth must be called to the battlefront. The country is sailing through rough seas and leaving the fight to elders alone would be at the youth’s own peril. The youth need not to be invited to the party – they must infiltrate the struggle if needed. The 6th Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) congress […]

Trade with Zimbabwe should be in billions

It was sad to learn during President Hage Geingob’s state visit to Zimbabwe last week, that trade between our two countries generated only N$24 million in the whole of 2016. This revelation brings into sharper focus the low level of commercial engagement between African nations on a continent that continues to swim in an ocean […]

What’s in the title?

The ruling party Swapo spent a lot of its precious time this week debating on the title of President Hage Geingob in the party. The debate turned emotive, to the extent that many party members took to social media to unpack the subject further. This was after secretary-general Nangolo Mbumba paused during his press conference […]

Dealing with the corrupt amongst us

Namibians have over the years implored their government to sternly deal with corruption in order to protect scarce national resources and to deter would-be offenders. Government has responded well to this call, and this week’s unearthing of potential corruption at the SME Bank is the latest among a host of efforts being made to detect […]

Let’s not rush the Time Bill

There is sense in the calls within the Parliament chambers this week that the motivation to change the current time change, between winter and summer time, be halted for proper debate. In all fairness to the home affairs and immigration ministry – which did a superb job of having clearly articulated methodology to its public […]

Swapo unity a national necessity

The acrimonious relations between Swapo leaders, evident at almost every public forum in recent months, are incrementally biting into what is left of the party’s fibre. Insults hurled in parliament this week, during the live broadcast of what is deemed a family television show and therefore accessible to children, was the new low insofar as […]

Did our principles cost us an advantage point?

When the African Peer Review Mechanism came into existence more than ten years ago, Namibia was one of the very few African countries, at that time, with a good rapport within the international community. It was a beacon of hope for the rest of the continent, with its young democracy, good governance, a very good […]

Has Trump just tossed Namibian beef off US tables?

The protectionist and nationalist rhetoric from the other side of the Atlantic reached fever pitch in the first week of 2017, with newly inaugurated US President Donald Trump putting into action some of the weirdest decisions that everyone the world over thought to be mere ranting from extreme right-wing populist political groupings. Not only did […]

Expenditure cuts: rationale and consequences

“I would rather have people laugh at my economies than weep for my extravagances,” King Oscar II of Sweden once said. The headwinds being experienced by the Namibian economy at the moment remind us of King Oscar’s words and meaning, as the nation seeks answers to the slump the country, region and world find themselves […]

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