Swapo unity a national necessity

The acrimonious relations between Swapo leaders, evident at almost every public forum in recent months, are incrementally biting into what is left of the party’s fibre. Insults hurled in parliament this week, during the live broadcast of what is deemed a family television show and therefore accessible to children, was the new low insofar as […]

Did our principles cost us an advantage point?

When the African Peer Review Mechanism came into existence more than ten years ago, Namibia was one of the very few African countries, at that time, with a good rapport within the international community. It was a beacon of hope for the rest of the continent, with its young democracy, good governance, a very good […]

Has Trump just tossed Namibian beef off US tables?

The protectionist and nationalist rhetoric from the other side of the Atlantic reached fever pitch in the first week of 2017, with newly inaugurated US President Donald Trump putting into action some of the weirdest decisions that everyone the world over thought to be mere ranting from extreme right-wing populist political groupings. Not only did […]

Expenditure cuts: rationale and consequences

“I would rather have people laugh at my economies than weep for my extravagances,” King Oscar II of Sweden once said. The headwinds being experienced by the Namibian economy at the moment remind us of King Oscar’s words and meaning, as the nation seeks answers to the slump the country, region and world find themselves […]

A blessed Marry Christmas and Happy New Year

This is New Era Weekend’s last edition of 2016. And what a year it’s been. Least of all for New Era Weekend, which came into existence only six months ago. Although 2016 cannot be defined as ‘annus horribilis’ – the Latin phrase for ‘horrible year’ made famous by Her Majesty the Queen of England in […]

Fidel Castro – towards victory always

This week the world said good-bye to an icon, Fidel Castro. He was truly one of a kind. And no matter how divided the world is on the life of Castro, we in southern Africa will forever remember Castro for his truly selfless actions. As with most things, Castro’s death has divided southern Africa and […]

Where is our moral compass bearing in NEEEF?

Namibia’s discussion on the [re-] distribution of wealth, closing the gap between the rich and the poor, and bringing about social justice cannot be sufficiently exhausted until we recognise that the new black elite now sits in the same boat – no, yacht – as the old white elite. And society’s expectations on closing the […]

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